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Anonymous said: Pleaaaaase post more fall out boy merch if possible?? Thank you :)

i’ll try, not sure if i’ll find any today. but i’ll if not today then tomorrow

Anonymous said: I want all the clothing on your blog my god

same holy shit

  -  4 September

Anonymous said: hi, I don't mean to bother you but I've been looking for that black fall out boy sweatshirt that's in your 'famous' tag and I've looked literally everywhere I could think of but I can't find it and was hoping you could help me out? I'm sorry if you've been asked this before, thank you so much! :)

don’t worry, these questions don’t bother me at all. 

i found the sweatshirt in grey click here

  -  20 August

Anonymous said: whats yourguys urls

omg i read yogurt but then i just noticed your forgot the space

Beatriz / Emily

  -  29 July

outbreakings said: your blog is so perfect omf i cant <3 and it makes me happy that you guys have reblogged my pictures yay :) feel free to reblog more if you want hahaha i have so many band merch pics

thank you so much we really appreciate it, that was probably my co-owner emily 

  -  26 July

Anonymous said: what are some blogs that are similar to yours? c:

tbh i seriously don’t know any other blog dedicated to just band merch that it’s still active

so if you’re a band merch blog like this post pls

  -  10 July

Anonymous said: what does it mean when you tag photos as "up"

that’s just a tag i use so i know which photos uploaded

  -  1 July

Anonymous said: Okay, I'm going to warped with my best friend and I always bring money with me and she never does. How do I make it not awkward buying merch?

well if she’s a close friend and she wants to buy merch just make sure she’ll pay you right after warped tour, or just say why won’t you put money on your sneakers or bra (i usually do when i have a lot of money with me and i’m afraid of getting robbed)

  -  29 June

Anonymous said: your "tagged by clothing lines" link does not work :(

thank you so much i’ll fix it now

  -  21 June

Anonymous said: are you guys going to warped?

at least from me (Beatriz) i’m not because i live in portugal so yeah sucks 2 b me

  -  21 June

horrifier said: i love your blog sO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA OMg thank you for creating and running this blog you are lovely and i hope you have a nice day

omfg thank you so so much this seriously made my day thank you so much

  -  21 June

Anonymous said: where can you get the bmth cardigan under your bmth tags?

you can buy it here

  -  31 May

Anonymous said: where can you get the "get out of my face peasants"shirt?

i’m sure the girl made that shirt, because i remember a few months ago that a picture with the same caption was around tumblr so yeah just go to one of those shops were they make custom shirts 

  -  22 May

Anonymous said: can you post more blessthefall please?

of course, i’ll post some more when i have the time c:

  -  20 May

cunvince-deactivated20140906 said: omf your blog is perfection

thank you so much aw

  -  17 April